Ten Favorite Metro Phoenix Cupcakes

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9. Banana Foster from Barb's Bakery - We haven't had a bad cupcake from Barb's, so we're not afraid to try anything there. But we keep finding ourselves going back to the Bananas Foster. Every bite of this decadent banana cupcake is amazing, from the sweet banana nut cake to the creamy banana frosting to the buttery caramel that sits on top.

8. Signature Chocolate from 21 Cakes - These perfectly prepared cakes may be a bit smaller than other cupcakes, but these suckers pack a huge chocolate punch and are topped with just the right amount of rich vanilla frosting. Chocolate lovers beware -- once you get a taste of 21 Cakes' chocolate cake, you may have a hard time eating anything else

7. Maple Bacon Pancake from TopIt Cupcakes -
It's just like breakfast in cupcake form! The dense cake tastes exactly like mom's pancakes, and the creamy maple frosting has just the right amount of sweet maple flavor. Top it all off with crispy bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup, and you have yourself one amazing cupcake.

6. Vegan Mango Cardamom from 24 Carrot - It's hard to make a good vegan cupcake -- trust us, we've tried -- but 24 Carrot gets it right with their Mango Cardamom mini cupcakes. The cardamom complements the sweet mango perfectly in the chewy little cake, and the sugary frosting has a nice consistency and only the faintest hint of soy. Our only problem with these tiny cakes is that they aren't on the menu every day!

5. Boston Cream Pie from Let Them Eat Cake -
We always have a hard time deciding which beautiful cupcake we're going to indulge in at this cupcakery, but the Boston Cream Pie usually catches our eye. The super moist cake is filled with perfect pastry cream and topped with a layer of creamy chocolate ganache.

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