Ten Favorite Metro Phoenix Sandwiches

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Free Range Chicken Salad @ Essence Bakery Eugenia Theodosopoulos and team not only bake up some of the best croissants and macarons in town, they also make a mean chicken salad sandwich. Shredded free-range chicken is bathed in a creamy sauce with hints of tangy lemon and sweet basil. Top it off with fresh spinach and cucumber slices then place it all on one of the bakery's extra soft and butter brioche rolls and eat! Sometimes the wait at this Tempe cafe can be a bit ridiculous, so if you're short on time, make sure you call ahead.

Smoked Brisket Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese @ Q Up Barbecue We'll admit that we have a tiny problem with barbecue and maybe a small obsession with mac and cheese so when our favorite BBQ food truck announced the arrival of their latest menu item, we had to get our hands on one immediately. This decadent sandwich is a threesome of awesome with tender brisket and smokey bacon-laced mac and cheese all sandwiched between two piece of cheese-covered grilled sourdough. This obviously isn't a healthy combination but this sandwich is worth every guilt-filled bite.

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Shannon Armour
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