Food Truck Frenzy

Ten Favorite Phoenix Food Trucks

Since the first food truck festival rolled into Phoenix last October, it seems that nothing - not stupidly long lines, not inflated prices, not a complete and utter lack of organization, truly NOTHING - can stop the flood of food trucks and food truck festivals from saturating the Valley with mobile cuisine.

So with all this buzz, how can you expect to single out the ones that are worth the wait and the trek? Don't worry, we've got you covered with this: Our Ten Favorite Phoenix Food Trucks.

10. Duck Duck Pig
With a menu that features a PBD & J (that's peanut butter, duck comfit and jalapeño mango jelly), how can you not get excited about DDP? They may be relatively new to the game, but bringing duck fat fried tots and fois gras to the masses via a badass black and pink truck definitely merits a spot on our list. Sadly, we haven't seen or heard much from DDP since the Eat Streets Food Truck Festival last month but we're definitely keeping an eye out for more.

9. Taste Rite
Chef Darryl King serves "real pit" BBQ from his 24 foot commercial, grade mobile kitchen. You may have to wait for your Taste Rite meal, but the slow-cooked meats are worth it. Don't forget a Kool-Aid to wash it all down and a side of roasted rosemary garlic tots as the perfect side. For the most recent updates on where to find Taste Rite check out their Twitter.

8. Hey Joe! This truck comes from the inspiration and talents of husband and wife team Brian and Margita Webb. Hey Joe! serves classic Filipino dishes like pancit, lumpia, and adobo on it's rotating menu. For a culinary cultural adventure, Hey Joe! hits the spot with sisig and lechon kawali, two pork dishes common in Margita's hometown of Lapu-Lapu City.

7. Torched Goodness
Crème brulee isn't a food you expect to find on every corner but thanks to Eric Ireland, here in Phoenix you just might. With both classic and more adventurous flavors (think lavendar and PB&J), Torched Goodness takes crème brulee to new heights. If you haven't tried Eric's perfectly burnt desserts you can find the truck at various farmers markets and at Food Truck Fridays at the Phoenix Public Market. Check out their website for a complete schedule of events.

6. T Licious Tacos From within this hot pink truck come Oaxaca-style tacos amped up with a French fine dining flair. Chef/owner Jordan Kean's "blingy" style shines through her cuisine with creations such as the Duck You Taco and Tickle Me Tinga Chicken Taco. You can keep up with T Licious via their Facebook and Twitter.

5. Mama Toldeo Tonya Saidi has been in the food truck game since September 2011 and hasn't failed to deliver on her sassy slogan: We'll Shut Your Pie Hole. You can find Mama Toledo and her 1968 Chevy Step Van at the Phoenix Public Market on Wednesday nights from 4 to 9 p.m.

4. Pizza People
The People People truck comes fully loaded with an oven churning out fresh pizzas made-to-order. MaryBeth and Tim Scanlon have only been serving their artisan creations since late last year but their pies have quickly secured a place in many a food truck lover's heart. Everything from the sauce to the dough is made from the couple's own recipes and they focus on using high quality, local ingredients. For updates on where to find the Pizza People truck, follow them on Twitter.

3. Jamburritos
With Cajun-inspired fare, Jamburritos puts Bourbon Street party in your mouth. Owner Michael Brown wanted to take the flavor of the Big Easy into a mobile-friendly and healthier form, hence he created: the jamburrito, jambalaya meets burrito. This truck is a regular around the Phoenix Public Market; you can find them there on Wednesday nights, Saturday mornings, and at Food Truck Fridays.

2. Sweet Republic As featured on just about every media outlet known to foodies (Travel Channel, TLC, and bon appétit, to name a few), the Sweet Republic ice cream truck has been a staple in the food truck scene since...pretty much forever. Long-time favorites include the Salted Butter Caramel Swirl and Basil Lime Sorbet. You could head out to their brick-and-mortar shop on the northwest corner of 92nd and Shea in Scottsdale, but that's not nearly as fun as enjoying a scoop of basil lime sorbet at the Scottsdale Old Town Farmers Market or Food Truck Friday.

1. Short Leash Short Leash puts the other hot dog carts around here to shame with its unique twists on an All-American classic. They've got a menu of five standard dogs with a create-your-own option as well. Think you've seen all that Short Leash has to offer? Try the corn dog poppers or the special, which they name after a different customer's dog each week. This truck really gets around so for a full list of events see their Facebook calendar.

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