Ten Favorite Phoenix Irish Restaurant & Pubs

Irish poet and playwright W.B. Yeats once said, "The problem with some men is that when they're not drunk, they're sober."

We agree -- it can be an issue (although we think it goes for both men and women). Thankfully, we have an Irish pub or two (or ten) in town to help you fix your problem (or someone else's), or at the very least, to give you a great place to get your Irish eyes a smilin' with a pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson.

Here's our list of Ten Favorite Metro Phoenix Irish Restaurants & Pubs. Feel free to tell us which Irish watering hole is your favorite in the comment section below. Cheers!  

10. Casey Moore's Oyster House -- Over the past couple years, Casey's may have strayed a bit from their Irish roots, but one of our favorite Tempe hot spots still makes our list -- their logo is a shamrock, and they have a freakin' permanent leprechaun on the roof for heaven's sake! If you need to escape from the hipsters on the patio, move inside to the classic musty bar area for an imperial pint of Guinness and one of their extra crispy fish sandwiches.

9. Tim Finnegan's Irish Restaurant & Pub --We'll admit that we don't spend enough time on the northwest-ish side of town, but when we do make it out that way, we consistently find ourselves gettin' our Irish on at Tim Finnegan's. The food here may sound like average pub fare, but what's coming out of the kitchen is a few steps above the norm. We're huge fans of the traditional Shepard's Pie made with lamb and the all-day Irish breakfast -- a massive plate of meat, eggs, beans, toast, tomatoes, and authentic white and black pudding.

8. The Turf Restaurant & Pub -- If you're looking for your standard hole-in-the-wall Irish joint then you can just go ahead and skip The Turf. Hands down one of the nicest Irish pubs in Valley, it's more like a lounge than your traditional Irish pub. The swanky interior is clean and sleek with comfy booths, high top tables, and plenty of rich wood. The bar is fully stocked, the kitchen is open late, and the staff is super friendly.

7. The Skeptical Chymist --  Modeled after an old Irish apothecary, the Skeptical Chymist will cure your thirst and fill your belly. The service has left us high and dry on a couple occasions, but we always seem to make our way back to this North Scottsdale pub for the food -- possibly because it's owned by same folks that own Tim Finnegan's. The fish & chips, the lamb pie, and the cod sliders are all worth the wait. The Guinness is plentiful, but sometimes we like to class it up with one of their specialty cocktails. A real treat for your inner Irish!

6. Rula Bula -- After 10 + years at their beautiful spot on Mill Ave., Rula Bula is still rockin' it with good Irish eats, an impressive selection of Irish whiskeys, and a lively garden patio. The steamed mussels are some of the best in town, and the braised beef & Guinness boxty is a must try. Fun fact -- Rula Bula's bar was actually built in Ireland, shipped to Tempe, and then reassembled where it sits now. Now that's an impressive Irish pub.

3. Robbie Fox's -- Two-year-old Robbie Fox's is still a kid in the Irish Pub world, but they have managed to create quite a name for themselves with outstanding happy hour deals, a poppin' patio, and a gorgeous 130 year hardwood bar straight from Dublin. The interior obviously had a lot of love put into every detail, and the patio is great for people watching while sipping (or slamming) rocks glasses full of Irish whiskey. In true Irish fashion -- the food isn't all that and the service can be slow, but if you're looking for a spot to get blackout Jameson wasted, then you should get to Robbie's stat. 

2. Seamus McCaffrey's -- It's dark and divey; the food can be awesome, but can also get pretty bad; the live bands can be downright awful; and if you sit on the patio late at night, it's almost a guarantee that a friendly hobo is going to harass you for whatever's in your pocket (cigarettes, change, a piece of gum, beers, even rocks) but that is EXACTLY why we love it so much. The bartenders are always friendly -- they'll even listen to you talk after a bad day -- and they will never let you sit with an empty beer for long. The fish & chips are really good 85% of the time, but the chicken pot pie is always a safe bet and we've never seen a bad Guinness pour.

1. Rosie McCaffrey's -- Once upon a time, there was an Irishman named Seamus. He opened a little bar in downtown Phoenix, and it was awesome. Then one day he decided to sell his namesake pub and open a new one on Camelback, which he named after his beloved wife, Rosie. And thank the heavens above he did. We don't know what we'd do without her Harp battered fish & chips and wall of whiskey. A word to the wise -- this place gets packed on the weekends -- great for people that love being around other people having a good time. But if you're more of the "chill out at the bar" kinda drinker, stop by Sunday - Wednesday.

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