Ten Places in Metro Phoenix to Get Your Growler Filled -- and Some Handy Tips on the Whole Growler Thing.

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So if you are technically a restaurant that serves beer and not a bar that serves food, you're out of growler luck.

There are still plenty of places to get those growlers filled but first let's go over three very important rules.

Rule Number One -- you absolutely cannot purchase a growler for $12 and then proceed to drink it at the bar. You MUST to take it home.

Rule Number Two -- No dirty growlers. You cannot bring in your dirty-ass growler and expect your awesome bartender to fill it up. This should be common sense but there's always that one guy out there that's going to bring in his rank smelly growler without a second thought.

(There are three reason why you need to clean your growlers, guys...

1. You don't want to contaminate the bar with whatever has decided to make its home in your growler.

2. You don't want to contaminate your new beer.

3. You don't want to get sick from said contaminated beer.

All you have to do is give it a good rinse with really hot water and then dry it upside down. And make sure you get wash the cap. Easy! But if your growler does happen to need more than a good rinse, check out our friend at Beer PHXation's extensive guide to getting you know your growler right here.)

Rule Number Three -- Don't forget to tip your bartender. Just because you are taking it home doesn't mean he didn't pour it for you. Throw him a buck or two for filling your jug.

Now that you know the rules, here's where you can get your clean growler filled and how much you can fill it for.

O.H.S.O. -- $12 -- Buy one of their growlers for $5 or bring your own. O.H.S.O.'s down to fill your growler with anything they have on tap. Keep an eye on Facebook for growler specials.

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