Terri Nackey of La Bella Terre, Part Two
Lauren Saria

Terri Nackey of La Bella Terre, Part Two

Yesterday we sat down for a chat with eco-ista and teacher of seasonal organic cooking, Terri Nackey who discussed the important relationship between the garden and healthy living. Today, we're back to hear about farmers' markets in the Valley and getting priorities straight.

Local first

I'll tell you what I really believe in is what's important in this whole message is get to know the people that are growing your food. I think Safeway has a good business; I'm not here to say anything negative about anybody's company but what I will tell you is to think about local and seasonal first. A lot of the farmers that are growing can't afford to get the organic standards stamped on all their fruits and vegetables. So I'm somebody that wants to get to know a grower. Get to know these people because they will educate you on this lifestyle. So, I try to first and foremost do seasonal local shopping at a farmer's market; Trader Joe's is always a cost-effective way to shop, and then your health food stores.

Seasonal, organic

I teach cooking; I'm a seasonal organic cook--it's because of my grandmother. I can tell you one thing that I will be very supportive of is sustainable farming, it's about 20 years old in Maricopa county and my daughter was in a baby buggy when we went to the farmer's market that opened out at Roadrunner Park. I have a cooking program that starts in January at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmer's Market and we'll have 15 Saturdays where we'll have chefs and we're going to be doing unique edible education. I've been working with chefs; I developed a program with the American Heart Association that started in 1995. So I've been really diligent and consistent in my teaching and working and creating a simpler way for people to live.

Getting priorities straight

There is a priority deficit that people have. What I mean by that is well do you have time to sit in a fast food line in your car waiting to place your order and then wait in line running gasoline while you're waiting to pick up your very processed non-clean food substances? Let's just say this, I think the basic tagline I eat there foods to stay out of the doctor's office; I live this way because its prevention. So there are ways to incorporate and it doesn't happen overnight and it's one bite at a time.

Mother knows best

You think about Mother Nature and what she really gives us. So lets say for example we can talk about a sweetener, I'm a huge proponent of if you look at a tiny little date or the size of a tiny little bee, Mother Nature is telling you that you need those in small amounts. Sometimes less is more, however everything in moderation. It really goes back to, you don't eat this stuff everyday, but when you do you may as well have the best.

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