Texas Po Boy
Texas Po Boy
All photos by Laura Hahnefeld.

Texas BBQ House Introduces New Texas Po Boy and Quite Possibly the Valley's Best Beef Ribs

Since they opened their original, modest little 'cue joint in South Phoenix in 2011 (and shut down their Scottsdale location last summer), Texas expats Mike Pitt and Doug Dieckmann of Texas BBQ House have been serving up smoked pieces of tender, glistening animal flesh any dedicated carnivore would drool over.

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Recently, the two Texas 'cue boys have added a few more dishes to their smoked meats menu. And if you thought deciding between their three kinds of brisket (lean, moist, and "cutter's choice") was tough enough, two new menu items make the choice that much more difficult.

Beef Ribs
Beef Ribs

First up is the Texas Po Boy ($10.99). A "real thing" in Texas, Pitt tells me, it's a loose interpretation of the famous New Orleans sandwich. Featuring a whopping pound of meat (one-third pound of cutters choice brisket, one-third pound of pulled pork, and a half-link of sausage) this meaty mass of goodness with a well-balanced mix of flavors is served up on a soft, squishy bun that doesn't get its way and with just the slightest amount of sauce.

"In Texas, we don't put the sauce on," Pitt explains, "but here, we add just a little."

Next, there's Pitt's stellar beef ribs ($6.99 for a half-rack, $10.99 for a full). Using a recipe he says took him six months to perfect, these steer ribs may be the best in the Valley. Meaty, juicy, smokey, and with a peppery, seasoned rub, you wouldn't be faulted for gnawing, tearing, and sucking up every last bit from the bones.

Other new items on the Texas BBQ House menu include St. Louis ribs ($11.99 for a half-rack, $17.99 for a full) and green beans.

I haven't tried those yet, but I intend to, just as soon as I stop thinking about the beef ribs -- which I would return for in a heartbeat.

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