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Texas BBQ House's Texas Po' Boy

This week for Chef Chat we met up with the guys from Texas BBQ House and talked about everything that is Texas BBQ, dry rubbed, slow cooked, sauce on the side.

Today we've got their recipe for a Texas Po' Boy. If you head out to the restaurant for a taste, you'll get a 1 lb. sammie (and they aren't kidding about that; we weighed it!) with three kinds of meat on a fresh baked sesame seed bun for $9.99.

Find out how they assemble this baby after the jump.

Texas Po' Boy Sandwich


8 in. sesame seed bun
BBQ sauce
Chopped BBQ
1 link of sausage (cut into halves)
3 slices of brisket


Wipe BBQ sauce on both sides of the bun. Next place the chopped BBQ on the bottom half, then the sausage, and finally the slices of brisket.


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