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That's a Wrap to Close After 18 Years; Owners Seeking Buyer for Restaurant

It's been a long run for That's a Wrap, the healthy-minded restaurant located at 800 East Camelback Road. But after 18 years, the restaurant is preparing to close its doors on Friday, August 29.

The building the restaurant occupies has been purchased by a local car dealership and will be bulldozed to make room for a new dealership. Sadly, this isn't the first instance of a local restaurant mainstay being ousted to make room for a car dealership.

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The That's a Wrap building and surrounding properties have been purchased by Earnhardt Lexus. The plan is to demolish the building to make room for a new dealership in September. Last summer, the 17-year-old restaurant Coup de Tartes also announced it was being forced to relocate to make room for overflow car dealership parking.

That's a Wrap's owners have been unable to find a new location and have decided not to relocate the restaurant themselves. Instead, they're looking for a buyer to keep the restaurant alive.

That's a Wrap once occupied the Seventh Street space that's now home to former owner Damon Brasch's vegan comfort food joint, Green. He sold the restaurant in 2010, and the new owners relocated to its current location, which previously had been occupied by Lola's Tapas. The restaurant was originally started by Tucker Woodbury of The Vig/Crescent Ballroom fame.

The restaurant will remain open, serving lunch and dinner, between now and August 29. That's a Wrap serves vegan-friendly wraps, salads, bowls, and plates and also offers daily specials, catering, and take-out.

For more information, check the That's a Wrap website.

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