The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild Is Hosting a Virtual Beer Fest

The inaugural (no kidding) Keep Arizona Brewing Virtual Beer Festival is this Saturday.
The inaugural (no kidding) Keep Arizona Brewing Virtual Beer Festival is this Saturday. Arizona Craft Brewers Guild
Maybe you’re sick of Zoom, and maybe Zoom is sick of you, but there’s one thing we can all agree on — drinking together is better. This is why the trusted Arizona Craft Brewers Guild is hosting the Keep Arizona Brewing Virtual Beer Festival, via Zoom (plus Facebook Live and YouTube Live) starting at 2 p.m. this Saturday, April 18.

The inaugural (no surprise there) virtual beer fest will be a collection of as-interactive-as-possible activities, including brewer chats, virtual tours of local breweries, a make-your-own-wristband competition, and contests like best pretzel necklace. And the soundtrack? A live music stream cutely named Couchella.

“Attendees” are encouraged to first pick up or order beer delivery from a local brewery. Then, post photos and videos of their participation by tagging all posts with #azvirtualbeerfest.

“Beer enthusiasts are some of the most friendly and social people you will meet,” Arizona Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director Rob Fullmer says in a press release. “It’s been tough on all of us not to be able to connect at beer bars, brewery taprooms, or festivals. But, even when we’re apart, we can still spend time together celebrating craft beer and showing our support for Arizona’s craft brewers.”

Tickets start at $5, which will support the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild and the Arizona craft brewing community. T-shirts are also available, and if you purchase one by Wednesday, April 15, you’ll receive free admission to the virtual beer festival.

Some VIP tickets are available starting at $50, which offer the opportunity to be part of the beer fest programming. You’ll be on the webcast with brewers, meaning you can ask questions and chat between segments.

For more information, see the Keep Arizona Brewing Virtual Beer Festival website.
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