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The Beer Geek's Holiday Gift Guide

​The beer geek is a simple creature, really. Plop a few bottles in front of him this holiday season and he'll call it good. But when the holiday five-pack just won't cut it, here are some gift ideas that'll make your beer geek piss-drunk -- with happiness.

Magazine Subscriptions
Beer geeks like to read about beer almost as much as they like to drink it, so you should consider subscribing to a beer magazine to his thirst for knowledge sated. There are plenty of good ones: BeerAdvocate, DRAFT, All About Beer and Zymurgy (for homebrewers) would all be excellent choices.

Make your beer geek the envy of fellow geeks and art snobs alike with some original beer-related artwork. Pressed glass bottles are a popular staple at most art festivals and paintings such as these would class up any home bar. 

Brewery Tours
Take your beer geek out for a grown-up field trip to see where and how his or her favorite beers are made. Most breweries offer free tours of their facilities to the public, but if you want to get crazy you can make a day of it through companies such as Brewery Tours of San Diego. You're chauffeured to several different breweries and fed as much food and beer as you can handle. 

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Zach Fowle
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