The Best Fried Fast Food for Hanukkah

What does Fry Girl know about Hanukkah? Bubkis. But when my editor told me the Jewish Festival of Lights, going on now until December 9, included eating foods fried in oil and that she'd make me an honorary Jew if I named a few of my fast food fried favorites, this shiksa went balliska.

Latkes? Sufganiyot (donuts)? Apple fritters? Don't plotz, partake! Here, in no particular order, are some of Fry Girl's favorite fast fried foods for Hanukkah from the national chains:

1.) McDonald's Hash Browns
Need a latke lickety split? Give it up for Mickey Dees crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside, grated Russet potato cakes. No applesauce, but that packet of sweet-n-sour should do the trick.

2.) Sonic's Tater Tots or Chick-fil-A's Hash Brown Medallions
Like latke tchotchkes, these bite-sizepotato bits satisfy. Plus, you can order up Chick-fil-A's hash brown medallions with apple jelly.

3.) Krispy Kreme's Filled Doughnuts and Apple Fritters
For some of us, we need another doughnut like we need a loch in the kup. But if you're gonna have one, Krispy Kreme's array of fruit, custard, dulce de leche, and pastry "Kreme" sweet fried cakes in glazed, powdered, and chocolate-covered varieties are a Hanukkah doughnut "do." And the apple fritter with cinnamon and bite-size chunks of apple coated in that Krispy Kreme signature glaze? Oy gevalt!


4.) Jack in the Box's Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
These crunchy breaded cheese sticks with zesty marinara dippin' sauce will have you saying, "MazelTov!" in no time. Jack's spicy jalapeños, stuffed with cheeses, breaded, and fried to crispy perfection are also worth mentioning.

5.) Popeye's Louisiana Nuggets (spicy style)
I know, they're a long way from latkes, but Popeye's white-meat chicken chunks of spicy goodness are fried fare fantastic. Plus, you can class 'em up with a glass or two of Manischewitz.

So whaddya think? Is Fry Girl meshugass with these Hanukkah fast-food fried favorites? What are some of yours?

Happy Hanukkah!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.