Battle of the Dishes

The Breadfruit vs. The Duce: Mojito Mambo

Mojito - white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint. Refreshing on a hot summer's day. Necessity when you are a prominent author sipping them in a Cuban bar called La Bodeguita del Medio. Cheers, Hemingway!

Made famous by Ernest Hemingway, the birthplace of the mojito is suspected to be in or around Cuba, as there is an old tale of the mojito being created out of the need to rid sailors of scurvy. While there are many different versions of the mojito creation tale, there are also many version of this classic drink.

We will gladly drink our scurvy staving off medicine here in the desert. Waiter, another round of meds, if you please?

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Rachel Miller
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