Eating the World

The Camelback Market: Southern-Kissed Jams, Irish Mustards, and a Smorgasbord Feast from Vincent

The Market: Saturday's Camelback Market behind Vincent on Camelback is one of a kind. Surely, no other restaurant sets up shop with a series of tents offering freshly prepared breakfast and lunches -- wood-fired pizzas, barbecue, crepes, omelets, pastries, pin-inis, and farm produce -- like ducks in a row.

If you're not familiar with Vincent Guerithault, the man has been in the business of cooking elegant Southwestern cuisine out of this location for more than 25 years. He has expanded the operation to include his Vincent Market Bistro (which the farmers market huddles around weekly), a catering business called Vincent Van Go, and a bar, Bleu, inside the restaurant.

The Parking: Parking on the south side of the market will cost you $5, but know there's free parking at a surface lot on 3900 East Camelback Road, and a shopping center with a Fresh and Easy just across the road on the southwest corner of Camelback and North 40th Street.

The Vendors: On the whole, non-Vincent fueled vendors make up for what they lack in numbers with unique and quality products. Approaching the market from the east side, you'll meet your two new favorite vendors -- the man behind Dromgold Mustard and the woman behind Carolyn's Classics. The Irishman does mustard better than anyone, winning prizes for a selection that starts with his stone-ground, full-strength mustard or Irish pub mustard, and moves on to flavors like honey, onion, habanero, and horseradish. You'll notice his excellent "Old World" bottling and labeling, and you may be tempted to ask: "What makes a mustard Irish?" To which he'll respond, "I make it Irish." Good answer.

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Shelby Moore