Guilty Pleasures

The Cereal Killer Milkshake at Normal Diner in Tempe: Breakfast Meets Dessert

The Guilty Pleasure: The Cereal Killer Milkshake
Where to Get It: The Normal Diner
Price: $5
What it really costs: An MMJ card and a bong hit at 4:20

Whether you eat it for breakfast, a late-night post-bar snack, or at 4:21, cereal is a go-to to satisfy a craving. Remember those days when you yanked your mom’s arm down the colorful grocery aisle and practiced your best Matlock impression to persuade her to buy a box of Lucky Charms, begging for them until you almost cried?

When it worked, we would get them home only to pick out all the hard little marshmallows and eat them first, leaving the cereal bits to go stale in the cupboard.

Good news: The Normal Diner has done all the work for you with its $5 milkshake, the Cereal Killer. Featuring vanilla ice cream blended with Fruit Loops, garnished with marshmallows gently plucked from the Lucky Charms box, and served in a classic fountain shop glass, this milkshake kills it, just as the name proclaims.

The glorious concoction tastes exactly like that last bit of sweetened milk, with sugary flecks of cereal floating slurped from the bottom of the bowl. The munchie masters at the Normal Diner took this moment to the next level. The Cereal Killer is a fine stand-in for breakfast or a satisfying nightcap. 

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Michelle Martinez