The Chew: Do We Really Need Another Food Show?

What happens when not one but two soap operas are canceled on the same day? The Earth shakes on its very foundation and giant worms from its core rise to the surface, making slaves of all mankind forever. They are replaced by equally ridiculous (but cheaper to produce) programming. Whee -- TV is EASY -- and FUN!!!

Yesterday, ABC announced it will cancel All My Children and One Life to Live after being on the air a combined 83 YEARS (19 years older than Susan Lucci) to launch two new younger-skewing, lifestyle-oriented series (translation: shows for aunts, not grandmas.) One, a makeover-centric show called The Revolution and a food-themed show. 'Cause we need another one of those, right?

Wanna know what it is? Try to contain yourselves, yo.

(Sigh.) The Chew.

The hour-long food series will be hosted by Mario Batali (Iron Chef America), Clinton Kelly (What Not to Wear), Carla Hall (Top Chef -- HI CARLA!), Michael Symon (Iron Chef America) and nutrition expert Daphne Oz. At least Carla's gettin' paid.

Hoping to capitalize on the success of The View (ugh), ABC Daytime president Brian Frons said, "The Chew and The Revolution are in the same vein, and will be great additions to the lineup, with The View serving as an ideal foundation from which to launch these programs."

R.I.P., Erica Kane. At least ABC hasn't replaced General Hospital with General Foods Hospitality Cooking & All-Star Hour Extravaganza Freak-Out-A-Thon -- yet.

What say you, daytime drama divas? Will you watch The Chew now that AMC and OLTL are history?

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