The Culver's Zone: Cheese Curds, Custard, and Alice Cooper

Butter burgers? Custard? Fried cheese curds? For those not familiar with Wisconsin-based Culver's, the Midwest's favorite blue-roofed home of fresh fast food, those eats may as well be served on board the V's mother ship. Luckily, this Fry Girl's spent some quality time with the good folks of Wisconsin, where polka is the state dance, fish fries happen every Friday, and Culver's restaurants are as plentiful as cheese hats and Miller Genuine Draft at a Packer tailgate party.

Still, the Culver's Zone can be like entering another dimension of the fast-food experience, even for those in-the-know. Throw in Alice Cooper on a shake stop and now you're really trippin'. What's his story? You'll have to ask Antonia Romo, Phoenician and a first assistant manager at the Culver's on Camelback Road.

"He came in a few weeks ago and bought some chocolate custard shakes," says Romo. "He was really nice. He signed autographs and let everyone take his picture."

Cooper gettin' custard? Sans drive-thru? What's going on in there? This week, Fry Girl finds out on a visit to the Culver's Zone.

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