The Cupcake Trend: Alive and Well and Camping in Chandler

If you are under the impression that cupcakes have jumped the shark, you clearly have not attended ​Cupcake Camp. That's right -- a daytime event (this is no sleepaway camp) devoted to baking, frosting, decorating and selling that perky little baked good so many are starting to hate.

No hate here, though. And judging by the almost 100 attendees at Cupcake Camp Chandler this weekend, the trend is going strong. The campy concept started in 2009 in San Fransisco, first as a tasting event and then as a way to teach people interested in cupcakes and in running their own business how to merge the two. This weekend's event included sessions such as Cupcake Marketing by Susan Baier; Basic Baking Science by The Cupcake Cafe; and Unusual Cupcakes by Butter & Me.

Let's be honest: Phoenix doesn't really need another cupcake shop. Beyond that, this workshop series was an opportunity for local pastry chefs to promote who they are, where they bake and how they do it. And this crowd appear to be more home baker, less entrepreneur.

Cupcake Camp Chandler was planned by Gangplank, in collaboration with Cupcake Love-In co-founder Kelly Garcia of Butter & Me.

Jump over to see pictures of cupcakes from the day.

At the end of the day it was really just about cupcake lovers holding hands and singing the praises of cake and sweet frosting together.

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