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The Daily Show Takes on NYC's Proposed Ban on Large Sodas

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently proposed a ban on the sale of sodas larger than 16 ounces in an effort to combat obesity. The ban would prohibit the sale of these sodas in pretty much every public place in NYC except for the supermarket. We could dwell on the inanity of a law that targets the size of the soda container but overlooks every other horribly unhealthy thing you purchase in New York, including but not limited to: • Beer • Fruit juice • Milkshakes • Diet soda

It's a law that would compel fast-food restaurants provide cups smaller than 16 ounces yet allow customers to score as many free refills as they'd like. A law that overlooks the fact that the most sugary drinks in the country are "fruit drinks" and, therefore, exempt.

We could do all that, or we can just let Jon Stewart and The Daily Show skewer Bloomberg's proposal instead:

The Daily Show
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