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The Duce Summer Update: Construction, a New Website, and Sweat-Lovin' Boxers

"We made it through last summer and this year I had to ask myself, 'Do we need to be open or don't we?'"

That's Steve Rosenstein, owner of The Duce, the refurbished and funky Downtown warehouse that features a restaurant, a bar, a clothing shop -- even a boxing ring.

Operating on fans and an EVAP system, The Duce has no true air conditioning to speak of, but Rosenstein says unless it gets humid or crazy-hot, The Duce can stay manageable throughout the Phoenix summer. And he'll bring in portable AC units for big events.

"The boxers love it when it gets hot in here," Rosenstein tells me. "Especially if they're cutting weight."

The Duce will be closed for two weeks in July for various construction projects, one of which is installing new sky lights. Rosenstein also says to look for a new website for The Duce going up in the next week or so.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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