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The Famous Pinterest Rainbow Cake: Did We Succeed?

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If you can get a hold of some extra cake pans you can cut down on your baking time. We had four and it helped a lot, but be aware that even though the pans are equal in measure they still vary a bit. Our red and purple layers were just a little bit wider than the rest and this drove my perfectionist tendencies CRAZY. You've been warned.

We didn't have parchment paper, so we just greased them with Crisco and dusted them with flour. It worked just fine. No need to waste paper! Bake two cakes at one time as you would any other layer cake, but keep an eye on the time as these are much thinner. Ours were ready in 11 minutes.

Allow them to cool completely or your cake will be a disaster. If you're feeling insecure about putting it together, freeze the layers - separately, on a piece of parchment paper.

We used Cakespy's instructions to assemble the cake. Her cake is flawless! She instructs us to put the purple layer on a serving piece and top with a "dollop" of frosting. She goes on to say not to spread it to the outermost edge because the top layers will eventually spread it from the weight. I had a hard time with this. My cake making experience did not like it one bit. Also, how much is a "dollop"?!?

We ended up leaving about two and half inches of space from the border and while the frosting did spread, it didn't make it all the way to the edges. We were able to clean this up a bit in the end when frosting the outside, but there were still some gaps.

Despite the flaws, it's still pretty.

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