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The Farm at South Mountain Is Looking For a New Resident Grower

Got a green thumb and an interest in helping educate others about organic and sustainable gardening? Well, if you answered "yes," then we might have the perfect job opportunity for you. 

Last week, The Farm at South Mountain launched the Finding Our Farmer Search in an effort to find a new resident grower. The previous grower who leased two-acre garden located at the back of The Farm, Maya Dailey of Maya’s Farm, has taken a new business opportunity. 

According to The Farm's website, the new grower will not only be responsible for the farm's organic growing beds, which provide produce for The Farm's restaurants, but also for running The Farm’s CSA program, and working with academic partners to increase educational opportunities at The Farm. Starting this fall, The Farm hopes to add an additional focus of sustainability and community education through the new Gather and Grow at The Farm at South Mountain program. 

The program consists of a quarter-acre plot that's home to a newly built vermiculture bin, composting bins, and a variety of citrus trees. Future plans include raised garden beds that can be used as a learning garden or for experimental gardening. The Arizona State University School of Sustainability will also have a residency with Professor Scott Cloutier’s program “Gather and Grow: Happy Communities at the Farm at South Mountain." 

The garden will be available for the new grower immediately. For the full job description or to apply for the position, check out The Farm at South Mountain's website
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Lauren Saria
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