Cafe Reviews

The Fastest Fast Food?

You know that stuff you wish for that if it came true it would make your head explode (miniature exotic animal pets!) Well, it's happened to Fry Girl -- almost.

Conveyor-belt sushi, or kaiten-zushi, might be the fastest food ever. So it's spicy tuna rolls and edamame floating by instead of burgers and fries. You can still conceivably eat standing up and you don't need a menu. How's that for a quick bite?

Fry Girl popped into Teharu Sushi in Tempe for a conveyor-belt crash course. How was it? What's the best way to score the hot stuff? What do the colored plates mean? And who eats the pudding? Find out in my latest column.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld