The Food Network feasts at Joe's Farm Grill

"When they call, you make time," says Joe Johnston, owner of Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, of his recent contact with the Food Network.

A production crew from the show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" will be onsite tomorrow to start shooting for an episode that will air in late February. The shoot will continue on Monday, when host Guy Fieri will be on hand to mix it up with the crowd.

"We invite people to join us and enjoy the action. Who knows, they may be on national TV," Johnston says. The restaurant will be open for regular hours, and will serve its regular menu.

On a related note, when I stopped in at Arlecchino on Saturday night, Boris, Moreno Spangaro's dreadlocked protege, mentioned that the Food Network might be shooting a segment at the popular Phoenix gelato shop in a few weeks.

My thought is, the Valley's a pretty untapped treasure trove of Food Network fodder. Let me be the first to say we're the next big thing! And I'd make one badass TV show host, if it weren't for that whole food critic anonymity thing . . .

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