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The Great Australian Bakery to Open Later This Month in Old Town Scottsdale

Heads up, Aussie expats. A new bakery and restaurant is opening soon in Scottsdale, and its owners hope to bring traditional Australian eats to the Valley including meat pies, pasties, and more. 

Called The Great Australian Bakery, the new restaurant is located at 7217 East Main Street in Scottsdale, right in the heart of Old Town. It'll be a quick-serve spot, meaning diners can come in, see what's available in cold and hot display cases, pick what they want, and go.

The menu will include "Australian meat pies, pasties, traditional sausage rolls, and pastries," according to the restaurant's publicist. And if you're worried about the authenticity of the product, know that an Australian chef, who operates a similar restaurant in that country, is flying out to Phoenix this week to train the staff on how to make each dish. 

Keep an eye on The Great Australian Bakery's website and Facebook for more information. 

Update: A previous version of this story indicated The Great Australian Bakery was opening on Saturday, March 12. The restaurant has since delayed the opening to a yet-to-be-determined date. 

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Lauren Saria
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