The Icehouse to Debut Coffee and Tea Shop (and Other Forms of Coolness) in June

Live music, art exhibits, after-hours events -- if you haven't been to the Icehouse lately, the huge and happenin' 34,000-square-foot space and former ice-storage building near Fifth Avenue and Jackson Street in downtown's warehouse district, maybe it's time you paid a visit.

And if you need some incentive, a "new Icehouse" will debut at the beginning of June -- and it's got a few cool goodies in store.

From 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, June 1, the Icehouse will host its first event of the summer and the debut of two new parts of the building's space.

The first will be the launch of a new beverage shop and cafe located on the facility's loading dock called Quiet Mind Tea and No Frills Coffee. The second, will be the opening of the Icehouse's "junk/arts" salvage shop called Urbane Recycler.

Of course, there will be plenty of art on the walls to enjoy as well, all curated by artist and Icehouse co-founder Helen Hestenes.

Strolling for discarded treasures and ogling art while sipping a comforting beverage? Now that's cool.

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