Wake Up Call

The Kitchen Safe: An Evil Genius Cookie Jar That Locks You Out Of Your Own Food

"I once ate a whole box of Girl Scout cookies," confesses a man in the Kickstarter video below. But, hey, don't feel so bad about it. Who hasn't? Overindulging is part of the American way of life!

Well, not for much longer if the evil geniuses behind the Kitchen Safe have anything to say about it.

The idea behind the product is super-simple: eating too many Cheetos Puffs? Not a problem. Just close the Kitchen Safe and, voila, you're unable to get your greasy orange fingers on the Puffs for a set amount of time. And that can mean anything from an hour (not so bad) up to 10 days. (What?!) It's a smart concept for sure, but also sort of cruel. Then again, the guys who created it went to MIT, meaning they're well versed in things that suck but are actually good for you.

The Kickstarter campaign to fund the product started on June 5 and doesn't end until July 20 but has already exceeded its goal. Apparently, people are super-desperate for a way to stop themselves from gorging on fatty foods and other things. For example, the video also suggests putting your iPhone or video game controller in the Kitchen Safe -- which makes us wonder how this product is any different from a regular safe, but whatever.

You can check out plenty of other suggestions on how to use the safe on the Kitchen Safe website. And you can already pre-order yours on the Kickstarter page by pledging $29 bucks to the campaign (though you have to pay another $20 for shipping outside the United States).

Congratulations, America. Entrepreneurs have found another way to make money off our lack of self-control.

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Lauren Saria
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