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The Local in Phoenix: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: The Local 1011 North Third Street, Phoenix 602-441-4333 www.iamthelocal.com

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The Hours: Happy Hour is offered Tuesday- Saturday from 4 until 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. until close.

The Interior: With a large lounge area, ample bar seating, and a decent-sized patio, there are plenty of options if you're looking to spend either happy hour or late night at The Local. Although the chef's table, which is a great place to watch the kitchen's inner workings, is by reservation only, you can still get a glimpse in regardless of where you're sitting. Overall, The Local goes for a casual vibe, though the drinks, dishes, and, truthfully, the prices might make you think twice before walking in wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

The Food: While there are quite a few options for munching that carry discounts, it's fair to warn that they're all a little pricier than you might be used to during happy hour with most options being in the $8 to $10 range. That being said, a lot of other places don't serve roasted bone marrow during happy hour either. Slider's du jour, a farmer's chop salad, and a unique Roman gnocchi dish are all up for grabs, but it's hard to not go for the crispy pig ear pad thai for $7. While on other visits the pad thai was rich, but balanced, and lightly sweet, this time this pig ears were a bit too crispy, making them hard to chew.

However, the $10 poutine plate was an immediate draw too. The fry-base was crunchy and well-seasoned. The cheese was melty, and the fried egg and meat on top were good too. But, without the traditional smathering of gravy, it just didn't feel like eating poutine, but rather, fries with random odds and ends put on top. Again, the components all had good flavor, just not exactly what we're looking for when we order poutine.

The Drink: Whether you go for a $6 craft cocktail or a $3 draft beer, drinking at The Local's late night reverse happy hour is definitely one of the best deals you'll find in downtown Phoenix. With some area bars charging $10-$12 for similar quality drinks at about the same time, it'd be smart to jump on The Local's late night bandwagon.

Drinks like the Jitterbug, which is a bitter amaro added take on a Pimm's Cup, or the Sundancer, which is a refreshing mix of seasonal citrus, a seasonal shrub, bourbon, and bitters, hit the spot on summer nights. Or you can also choose from a list of local brews on draft for just $3. You can also opt for Montenegro Amaro or Jameson on draft for $5 or a house red or white wine for $3.

The Conclusion: If you're just going to The Local for cheap drinks, this is probably the spot to be at downtown. If you're interested in eating, know that it's going to be a little pricy, but the quality will likely justify the price for you. It's also a nice opportunity to try a few of The Local's dishes without completely going broke.

Grade: B+

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