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The Mission @ Minder Binder Brings Tempe History to Life -- But the Food's Not So Good

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From the outside the new Minder Binders looks like it might be an upscale Mexican restaurant. The exterior is now entirely stucco with a hulking front building our sever tells us will eventually house a bakery. On the back side the two-story Santa Fe-style building looks over a large patio, complete with water fountains, greenery, and tables. You can head into the back building through the patio; this is where you'll find the dining room and main bar.

Fans of the old bar and restaurant will be happy to see how much of the original interior has been salvaged and incorporated into the new space. The booths on which you might have scrawled your name back in the day, even the ceilings where presumably-drunk patrons drew suggestive cartoons in Sharpie, are all present and waiting to be appreciated by a new generation of customers.

Up a flight of stairs you'll eventually find a second bar and a large dance floor, though for now the upper level is still under construction.

As for the menu, The Mission at Minder Binder may look like a Mexican restaurant on the outside, but by no means does it stick to the design theme with its food. Instead you'll find a pretty concise menu of starters, salads, burgers, and pizzas. We were surprised by the price point of some of the entrees, which range from a $10 burger to a $17 12-inch pizza.

In general, we thought they hit a little above what we'd like to spend at a drinks-focused establishment.

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