Battle of the Dishes

The New Burger Kings: Smashburger vs. Culver's

Ever since Supersize Me came out, I've been loathe to dine at fast food restaurants. But with so many locals extolling the meaty virtues of the new pseudo-gourmet hamburger chains that have been popping up around the Valley, it was impossible to resist pitting two of these gut-busting gastronomic giants against each other. 

Meet the next generation of burger kings...

In One Corner: Smashburger
777 S. College Ave. in Tempe

Cost: $5-6 for a basic cheeseburger, $8-10 for a combo (or $7 with ASU ID)

Gimmick: 100% Angus beef, cooked to order and smashed on the grill

Why it's better than BK: No creepy mascots 

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Wynter Holden
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