The Not So Lazy Susan: In Review

Our arts and culture blog, Jackalope Ranch, reviews local zines and publications once in a while. Today, it takes a look at The Not So Lazy Susan.

Local writer and big time foodie Susan Pants released her first issue of the The Not So Lazy Susan and wasted no time in addressing local food business. Jackalope Ranch's Steve Jansen writes:

Don't mistake passion for hate in Susan Pants' inaugural issue of her indie food zine The Not So Lazy Susan - Issue One: With Alotta Issues. It's just that the writer loves chow so much that she tends to get a bit worked up. (Don't we all with stuff that we heart.)

The publication's opening piece, "I Love Food: A Hate Monologue," reads more like a manifesto as Miss Pants contrasts personal food love (the essences, including tastes, smells, and visceral associations) with food loathe (the powers-that-be industry, genetic modifications, and governmental interventions).

Read the full review here, and pick up a copy of your own around Valley coffee shops (Jansen nabbed his at Jobot in downtown Phoenix).

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