The Nutella Truck Is Coming To Phoenix!

The magical combination of hazelnut and chocolate called Nutella is coming to Phoenix from November 24 - 27 in the form of the Nutella Truck, stopping here as part of the nation-spanning "Nutella Breakfast Tour."

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Undoubtedly in an effort to head off any ugly riots, the Nutella truck will be using that time to hand out free samples. Free Nutella, we can only imagine what uses we could find for free Nutella.

This breakfast tour is presumably to rehabilitate Nutella's image as a breakfast food following a lawsuit earlier this year that revealed that Nutella was not in fact a "health food." As shocking as that revelation is, the Nutella corporate page continues to claim that Nutella is part of a balanced breakfast, provided it's paired with "complementary foods" like milk, fruit and presumably something with kale in it.

Free samples of Nutella are great and all but the real prize is the Twitter competition Nutella has set up. Whatever city tweets the most "#Nutella(Insert City Here) will get a return visit from the Nutella truck. But this time the truck won't be packing samples, it'll be packing full jars. Details here.

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