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The Phoenician to Begin Pouring Private Label Tequila

We've already reported on the delicious meals and bread to be had at Il Terrazzo Restaurant located at The Phoenician Resort. What if we told you that this Italian eatery also has a new selection of top quality tequila?

Surprised? So were we when we sat down at a press luncheon on March 5 at Il Terrazzo and received tamales and margaritas instead of bellinis and antipasto.

The Phoenician purchased a barrel of tequila from El Tesoro to serve not only in Il Terrazzo but anywhere on the resort. The purchased barrel produced 330 bottles of the private label tequila called "Paradiso."

Carlos Camarena, grandson of El Tesoro founder Don Felipe Camarena and master distiller, was on hand to toast the new tequila which he equated to bringing a newborn child into society.

What makes paradiso different from other El Tesoro varieties? Camarena explained that they let the tequila age for five years in French oak and then a further three years in American oak. The result is a tequila with an almost chocolate taste on the front end and a crisp vanilla finish.

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Jonathan McNamara