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The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, Coming This Fall

If you're a food nerd, you've probably heard of Modernist Cuisine, the six-volume "cookbook" from former Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myhrvold. It's a stunning set of books that gives perspective into molecular gastronomy techniques.

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The crazy, science-driven techniques are the main reason the book is less known for its user-friendly recipes than it is for its impressive photography. And for all those who've gaped at the book's photos -- which include shots of high-quality cookware cut in half to show the science behind the cooking -- there's a third book in the works that might be of interest.

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine from Modernist Cuisine on Vimeo.

The Modernist Cuisine website recently announced they'll be releasing The Photography of Modernist Cuisine on October 22. According to the website, the book will be dedicated to the photos rather than to the science/food and won't contain any recipies.

It will contain a total of 399 photos, 145 of which will be displayed "full-bleed across one or two full pages."

Though they didn't want to distract from the photos with captions, Myhrvold was smart enough to know that readers are dying to know just how they achieved all those incredible shots. To answer those questions, he included a chapter at the back of the book with short backstories of the photos.

"Readers who dip into that section will learn, for example, how I coaxed crystals of vitamin C to produce a kaleidoscopic explosion of colors, how we use enzymes to remove the peel from the tender juice sacs of a grapefruit, or how you can quickly turn fresh herbs into a crispy snack or garnish in your microwave oven," the website explains.

It's a genius idea to make a few more bucks off all the work they put into the first two books . It also gives home cooks who might not want to try the recipes but can't resist the visual power of the photos, a chance to acquire a really beautiful coffee table book.

No word yet on how much the book will cost, however. But knowing Modernist Cuisine, it won't be cheap.

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