The Quaffer Returns: Shot and Chaser In One, Thanks to Arizona State University (Well, Sort of)

The quaffer, which is one typo away from having a hilariously inappropriate name, is a special drinking class developed by a former Arizona State University student seeking a better way to integrate chaser with shot into a single glass.

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Basically it's a 1 ounce shot glass attached by a small hole to a 2.25 ounce reservoir underneath. The quaffer works on the principal as those fancy layer drinks you see floating around on pinterest. Hard alcohol is generally less dense than chasers and that means you can pour booze over a chaser very slowly and keep the two layers separate. The quaffer just makes that process easier by limiting the mixing between the two layers to a single small hole. When you take a quaff from the quaffer you get your shot finished immediately by a chaser.

The quaffer went out of production a while ago and the designer is trying to use crowd sourcing to bring it back. Here's his pitch.

So there you have it. If wrangling two glasses at once is too much trouble for you, here's a device that'll make sure whatever foul rotgut you're imbibing immediately get's covered up with whatever off brand soda you managed to find on sale at your local convenience store.

As noted in the video, is it any surprise this idea came from an ASU student? We can hear them now, all the way from Tempe, chanting "ONE OF US! ONE OF US!" As they place their preorders.

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