The Valley's Dining Scene Has Plenty to Love

Have you seen the Phoenix New Times Resolution Guide 2012 yet? You might want to give a read. It's packed with thoughts on resolving to love the Valley through the city's art, architecture, nightlife, and more -- all from my fellow scribes and friends Amy Silverman, Robrt L. Pela, Benjamin Leatherman, and Claire Lawton.

There's a section from yours truly as well. In it, I outline a few reasons to love the Valley's dining scene. Here's one of them:

"Kai's swoon-worthy patio: Sure, the dining room is divine, but the real picture poetry at Kai (5594 W. Wild Horse Pass Blvd., Chandler, www.wildhorsepassresort.com), the top-notch restaurant of Native American cuisine and the only five-star dining establishment in Arizona, is the view from its patio. Overlooking a desert landscape of majestic mountains, stately saguaros, and a sky kissed with twinkling stars, this outdoor dining experience, along with exceptional service and the sophisticated cuisine of chef Michael O'Dowd, makes any special occasion all the more memorable -- thanks to Mother Nature."

Want to read a few more? Add your own? Go here.

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