The Vig to Open Third Location in Downtown Phoenix

Gettin' Vig-gy with it (sorry) in the downtown area might be a reality in the next several months for the popular upscale tavern The Vig.

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Celebrating six years at its original Arcadia location and nearly three at its second spot in Central Phoenix, Vig owners Tucker Woodbury and Jim Riley are planning to open a new location in the downtown area. Specifically, at Fourth Avenue and Fillmore in the building that was formerly Palette and Terra's Garden.

Vig general manager Pam Vincent tells me they haven't started construction on the new building yet, but when they do, it may take up to six months before an official grand opening.

Vincent goes on to say that the Fillmore Vig will be similar to the other two properties in both look, feel, and food (a chef for the new location has yet to be named). And for fans of the Vig who enjoy the patio and bocce ball benefits, Vincent says the Fillmore Vig will have those as well.

Stay tuned for details.

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