The Winners of the Chow Bella Pumpkin Showdown Are . . .

From time to time here at Chow Bella, we challenge one another to a showdown. This fall's theme, naturally, was pumpkin. Damn you, pumpkin-infused Kahlua and pumpkin-flavored Pringles -- you're ruining it for the rest of the pumpkin goodness out there, like the dishes our colleagues prepared for us a few weeks ago.

We're still thinking about Kate Crowley's pumpkin salsa and Heather Hoch's pumpkin pasta. But there can only be one (okay, two) winners -- chosen by our very tasteful art department here at New Times. With no further ado, we present the winners of the 2013 Chow Bella Pumpkin Showdown.

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The runner-up: Rachel Miller's Bourbon Pumpkin Tart with Marshmallow Creme

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And the winner:

JK Grence's Pumpkin-Tomato Soup

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Congrats to JK. See you for the next showdown!

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