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They're Here: Baratin, Bodega, and AZ Wine Merchants -- from the FnB Folks. Get excited!

We told you it was coming. 

Pavle Milic and Charleen Badman, the masterminds behind FnB, have been busy working on their latest Old Town Scottsdale venture (or three) -- Baratin, Bodega, and AZ Wine Merchants -- and tonight we'll be able to snag our first look at the new digs. 

Housed in a 1950's building called the Kiva Center, Scottsdale's new "triple threat" will feature a market, a European style cafe, and a boutique wine shop. 

Baratin -- the trio's tiny cafe -- will open tonight for dinner. The tiny menu will feature a rotating menu of just five items -- one sandwich, pate, a cheese plate, one vegetable, and dessert. Price will range from $8-$12. We anticipate it to be a sort or FnB quick fix. 

The "green" market, Bodega, is the spot that we're really excited about. MJ breads, fresh locally sourced veggies and eggs, Sweet republic ice cream, high-end meats, and Charleen's fresh doughnuts and sauces will all be available in one spot. 

And then there is the AZ Wine Merchant which will sell -- you guessed it -- wine. The boutique wine shop will feature an ever-changing selection of Arizona wines (12 reds and 12 whites) and an impressive selection of half bottles of global wines. Bottles will range from $15-$35 for Arizona brands and $5-20 for the global wines. 

Both the Bodega and AZWM will be open for business tomorrow. 

Wine, doughnuts, and Charleen's sandwiches? Hell. Yes. 

FYI -- The trio will be closed on Mondays. Baratin 11 - 10 p.m., Bodega 11 - 7 p.m., AZWM 11 - 8 p.m.

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