Thin Mint Showdown: And the Winner Is . . .

The Chow Bella contributors do not make it easy on me. 

I showed up at a recent meeting to discover a huge spread of beautiful, chocolatey desserts on the conference room table, each one of them with my name on it (metaphorically speaking). Everyone really hustled to create some new dessert out of a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies, provided by resident cookie dealer/editor Amy Silverman.

Did Adriane have any idea that I have a weakness for chocolate pudding? Her pudding cups with strawberries were so cute. Shannon busted out with a very impressive-looking, luscious cheesecake. The sheer quantity of chocolate in Jonathan's rich chocolate pie went straight to my brain. Wynter did up some delicious mojito-inspired panna cotta, garnished with fresh mint. And Carol impressed me with her original Steeplechase cupcakes

It was really tough to pick a winner, but I've finally settled on one.

Carol's cupcakes were just ridiculously good -- that buttery, chocolatey crust, the crushed pecans on top, the touch of bourbon (her secret weapon) in the whipped marshmallow cream topping . . . I'm drooling at the memory of it. 

And I'm actually thinking about making some myself! 

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