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ThinkGeek Gastro-Conspiracy, in "FoodLab 2010"

Molecular gastronomy. Please. The process was more like a cruel joke. Mixing food with chemicals? Impossible to find ingredients? Extra money for supplies? Outcomes resembling the back end of the digestive process versus the front? And, of course, the invasive metric system. The pranksters? The Frenchies at Cuisine Innovation, makers of the Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit.

They're getting a letter of complaint sent to them, American style, today. But first, a follow-up to last week's letter requesting a full-on refund to the folks in Fairfax, Virginia who sell the Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit, ThinkGeek.

Good news! A response was received within days. But wait, what's this? It can't be -- no! The response is in French. French! This is nothing short of a Gastro-conspiracy at the highest level. Who knows how deep this thing goes? Mothers, hide your children and keep them away from grams, Get 27®, and Fairfax, Virginia.

What did the letter say? Find out, after the jump.

Letter from ThinkGeek:

Chère blogueuse américaine,

Nous avons observé vos expériences de conversion en système métrique et de recherche d'ingrédients avec une curiosité sans bornes.

Nous avions même fraîchement lavé nos bérêts dans l'attente du dernier chapitre de cette saga!

Aussi nous vous écrivons aujourd'hui dans notre langue secrète pour vous informer que nous avons traité le remboursement de votre commande. Il vous faudra cependant patienter 3 à 5 jours ouvrés pour voir le remboursement apparaître sur votre carte de crédit.

Dernière précision, le montant est libellé en dollars américains. Nous espérons que cela ne causera pas de confusion supplémentaire vu qu'apparemment les systèmes en base 10 ne sont pas vos amis.

Vive la gastronomie moléculaire!

--Les singes de ThinkGeek


Dear American blogueuse,

We observed your conversion experiences in metric system and of research of ingredients with a curiosity without boundaries.

We even fresh had washed our bérêts while waiting for the last chapter of this saga!

Also we write yourself today in our secret language to inform yourself as we treated the reimbursement of your order. It is necessary for you nevertheless to wait 3 to 5 finely worked days to see the reimbursement to appear on your credit card.

Last precision, the amount is made out in American dollars. We hope that that will not cause any additional seen confusion that apparently the systems in bases 10 are not your friends.

Lively the molecular gastronomy!

-- The monkeys of ThinkGeek

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