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This Bacon eBook Will Force You to Plastic Wrap Your iPad

...and that is where bacon comes from. This video is just a teaser from a full-on, multimedia, iPad exclusive bacon bible, "The Better Bacon Book: Make, Cook, and Eat Your Way to Cured Pork Greatness." Of course this video summons forth the mental image of a neophyte cook crouched over a half-butchered pig, knife in hand, trying to get her iPad to stop flipping the image sideways. Our low-tech solution would be to use plastic wrap to keep your precious iPad safe, but if you want to get spendy, this might be a slicker solution.

As the title states, this book covers all aspects of the bacon experience. It provides not one, but five different recipes for curing your own bacon in the comfort of your home. The promise of, "31 interactive recipes from top chefs for every meal, even desserts and cocktails," is as intriguing (bacon breakfast pizza?) as it is potentially horrifying (bacon jam).

The book is the alien lovechild of The Meat Hook's executive butcher Tom Mylan and iPod loving Open Air Publishing.

As exciting as an interactive cookbook sounds, we cannot help but wish that perhaps Open Air Publishing would deliver their content in a format that can be read on something other than a $500 slab of the future.

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Ando Muneno
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