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This Is a White Love Castle Valentine's Day

White Castle, clearly the classiest of classy dining establishments, have a standing policy of taking V-day to the next level at selected locations. While we've heard of this we've never actually seen inside a White Castle during their yearly metamorphosis in "Love Castle."

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Love Castle serves the same fantastic steamed slider menu as White Castle but with reserved seating, cheery wait staff, tablecloths, printed menus, candles and a BYOB policy. Of course that BYOB policy raises an interesting questions: What pairs with White Castle? Is there any wine out there that can properly complement the entire menu? Or would you need to do separate pairings with the hamburger sliders versus the chicken ring sliders? After all, as one of the Love Castle cooks puts it, "We have shrimp, macaroni and cheese, chicken wings. So, it's like a five-star restaurant!"

The people who would book a table at Love Castle seem to run the gamut between people looking for an ironic anti-Valentine's day with a manageable bill and people who will likely stab their spouse in their sleep when this is all said and done. As far as anti-Valentine's day meals go, we give this high marks for presentation, oddness and usability. Usability as defined by being able to tell your horrified coworkers and family that you had a wonderful time drinking red wine and eating sliders at Love Castle.

Also if you're sleeping on the couch because you forgot about Valentine's Day, maybe a White Castle "Slider Gram" can spring you out of the dog house.

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Ando Muneno
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