This Movie Should Be Made: Monster Roll

The proof-of-concept/trailer for Monster Roll, a movie in which a rag-tag band of sushi chefs fight off enormous and well animated monsters from the deep, has just been released. Now that is an idea that cries out to be made into a full-length feature film.

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Seriously, do yourself a favor and block out six or so minutes to watch the trailer. If you're unconvinced of the potential this movie shows, leave an angry comment, we know you will anyways.

There is a place in American cinema for Monster Roll and its giant sea monsters that must be defeated by plucky food service heroes. JJ Abrams made Cloverfield after he and his son visited Japan and he reflected on the complete lack of decent American creature features in recent years. Monster Roll's creators express a similar desire to harken back to the day so Ghostbusters and Big Trouble In Little China but updated with the sensibilities of modern films like The Host and District 9.

While the creators of Monster Roll haven't rolled out the inevitable Kickstarter page just yet, they've left that door open, "You can help prove that we're not totally crazy in thinking this is a movie a bunch of us want to see.

The Monster Roll webpage has some additional hilarious videos that shows how the visual effects were stitched together and how the clip went from storyboard to the screen. It does raise the question of where exactly the director found a tentacle that large for his screen tests.

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