Where is our McAloo Tikki?
Where is our McAloo Tikki?
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This Needs to Happen: McWorld, A McDonald's That Serves Its Food From Around the World

The Awl has proposed in great detail something America has been waiting for, nay, something America is ready for: McWorld, a sprawling flagship McDonald's that serves menu items from across the global McDonald's empire. Their modest proposal also stipulates that this McWorld be built at the crossroads of the world, New York's Time Square.

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Because here's the awful truth for you dear readers: McDonald's serves a better and generally more interesting menu everywhere but here. Yes, the nation that created the Golden Arches is still eating more or less the same crap they've been serving for decades without importing any of the actually innovative foods developed in other countries.

McDonald's in the Arab Peninsula? Savory chicken kofta in a warm pita. McDonald's Germany? Serves beer with their bratwurst burger. McDonalds India? A chicken Maharaja-Mac. McDonald's Japan? Shrimp burger and one of their locations has started serving breakfast all day because that's not something Americans have demanded for decades.

So what do we get here in the states? The goddamn McRib whenever the Golden Arches need to boost quarterly revenues.

But that is the past, now there is only the bright future. The future in which we embrace the upshot of globalization by feasting on foods from around the world at fast food prices and wait times. Eater.com has helpfully illuminated the path ahead for us, a webpage established by McWorld trailblazers and designed to spread the message with a nice Starship Troopers reference: One McWorld, One McDream, Service Guarantees Citizenship.

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