This Thursday: Dining Out For Life

I know I don't need to twist your arm to go out to dinner, but just in case you needed another excuse to hit up our fair city's restaurants, here's the best one I've found in a long while: doing so will directly support HIV/AIDS services provided by Body Positive and Northland Cares.

The event's called Dining Out For Life, and this year's takes place on Thursday, April 24th.

It's super easy to get involved. Just dine at one of the participating restaurants, and a portion of your bill -- or all of it, depending on the place -- will go toward the $200,000 fundraising goal.

This year's restaurant list is pretty impressive, with so many great new spots as well as old favorites, including Bomberos Cafe and Wine Bar, Carly's Bistro, Trente-Cinq 35, Greekfest, and Coup des Tartes. All the details are online here, including specifics on who's participating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and what percentage of the bill will be donated.

You could practically plan your whole day around it, because there's also a number of non-culinary businesses, such as Los Olivos Hand Car Wash, and Changing Hands Bookstore.

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