This Weekend: Chickens in Fruit Trees

No, this is not some kind of wacky 12 Days of Christmas parody, though we can't help but think of that pesky partridge in a pear tree. This weekend, Greg "The Urban Farm Guy" Peterson is hosting two classes geared towards the permaculture newbie.

Learn how to plant and care for that proverbial pear tree this Saturday, February 12 at a Fruit Tree Class at Bakers Nursery, 3414 North 40th Street in Phoenix. The 2-hour course begins at 9:30.

Not sure how to fertilize your new fruity friend? On Sunday, Peterson's attention turns to raising chickens. The hands-on class includes instruction on feeding and care, plus how to tell a good egg from a bad one. Class will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, February 13 at The Urban Farm in Phoenix. A $15 donation is suggested for either class.

In case you're wondering what kind of outdoor nut spends his weekends with plants and birds instead of diddling with his Wii, Peterson has a pretty impressive pedigree. He has a Master's in Urban and Environmental Planning from ASU and regularly writes for the sustainability mag, Edible Phoenix.   

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Wynter Holden
Contact: Wynter Holden