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This Weekend: Seacat Gardens Returns to the Farmers Markets

Farmers market regulars know they need to show up bright and early to get the best pick o' the veg -- especially if Seacat Gardens is going to be there.

Carl Seacat's lovely heirloom veggies are always in demand at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market, but lately he's been busy at the farm and hasn't been selling produce at the market.

This Saturday, though, Seacat will be back in action. And Sunday, you can catch him at Scottsdale's Go Green Street Market.

Seacat tells me he's currently growing 17 varieties of sweet peppers and about 25 varieties of tomatoes, including Black Russians. They're not all ready, but he'll bring a few plants to the market on Saturday. And check out his mind-boggling grow list:

Currently available for February 2009:

Sun-dried tomatoes...Italian
Arugula (Italian cultivated, not wild...and it's really good)
Baby carrots
Batavian lettuces (large leaf, loose head)
Broccoli raab...leaf
Romaine lettuce
Salad Mix (mild, spicy)

Plants recently seeded/planted:

Beans...Available approx. late-March
Purple, Yellow Wax

Cardoon...Available approx. mid-April
Two Italian varieties

Tomatoes...Available approx. late March
Red/yellow varieties, Black Russians, Seacat hybrids

Assorted vegetables:

Agretti...Available approx. mid-April

Arugula...Available late January
Beets...Available approx. late February
Albino, Bull's Blood, Golden, Pronto/Kestral Baby

Broccoli...Available approx. mid February
Purple Sprouting (English)
Green Italian

Broccoli Raab...Available approx. late January
Quarantina (leaf)
Novantina (shoots)

Brussels Sprouts...Available approx. late February

Carrots...Available late February
Adelaide Baby, Yellow French, Purple Dragon, Chantennay, Snow White, Parmex Baby Ball

Cauliflower...Available approx. late February
Green Italian

Celery...Available approx. late-February
Gigante Dorato...Italian
Red stalk

Celery Root...Available approx. late March
Chard...Available late January
Fordhook Giant
Ruby red

Chicory...Available mid-March

Collard Greens...Available late January

Endive...Available approx. mid-March

Erba Stella (Buck's horn)...Available approx. late-February

Escarole...Available approx. mid-March

Fennel...Available approx. mid-March
Three Italian varieties

Kale...Available late January
Lacinato (dinosaur)

Lettuce...Available late January
Batavian...large leaf...4 varieties
Ten other very cool, rare varieties...Avail. late February

Mustard...Available late January
Mizuna, Osaka Purple, Purple Wave, Red Giant, Tatsoi

Radicchio...Available approx. late-February
Mesclun mix...12 varieties

Radishes...Available late-January
Black Spanish, Red/white long Italian, Yellow Polish
Numerous misc. other varieties

Salsify...Available approx. late March

Shallots...Available approx. late March
French Grey
French Red

Spinach...Available late January

Turnips...Available approx. mid-February
Italian...3 varieties
Numerous misc. other varieties

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