This Week's Tastiest Links!

• Did you see Laurie Notaro's Eight Food(ie) Terms Past Their Expiration Dates? Oh my, it's a mouthfeel -- and we're just talking about the comment section. - Chow Bella

• Jon Stewart gives "pink slime" the business, but in the end, delicious, mechanically separated meat pulp gets the last laugh. - The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

• Love bacon to death? A bacon-themed coffin wants you to re-think your cremation plans. - Boing Boing

• "Loose meat" is not the name of your new favorite band; it's a sandwich from an Iowa-based chain that's coming to the Valley AND the name of your new favorite band. - Chow Bella

• Please stop showing me this video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby like a mama bird. - YouTube

• Who can run a restaurant with the price of white truffles so flippin' high? Valley chefs and restaurateurs dish on their most expensive ingredients. - Chow Bella

• Did you know the white-haired, rosy-cheeked man on the Quaker Oatmeal box was named Larry? I know, right? Did you know he's recently had a makeover? What? Him, too? - The Wall Street Journal

• The team behind Postino and Windsor/Churn is at it again -- historically, of course. - Chow Bella

• A twelve-year-old publishes a New York Dining Guide. Stupid adults, kids like food, too! - The Village Voice

• Is the classic cocktail of New Orleans the Sazerac or the Ramos Gin Fizz? Answer: Nothing is settled. - Rueters

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