This Week's Tastiest Links!

Message to co-workers: get your damn birthday cakes and homemade goodies out of my dieting face. - The Wall Street Journal

To foie gras or not foie gras? Valley chefs, restaurateurs, and readers weigh in on the controversial issue. - Chow Bella

Gene Simmons of KISS is going to open up a chain of restaurants, which means there's only about ten things left in this world that don't include his band's logo. - Los Angeles TImes

A picture-perfect tour of Chris Bianco's restaurants. - Chow Bella

Creepiest. Cake mold. Ever. - Gizmodo

A billboard tells Chicagoans, "Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer." Hot dogs are not amused. - NBC Chicago

Josh Hebert, chef and owner of Posh in Scottsdale, shows us how to make "ghetto" sous vide fried chicken. Hint: You'll need duct tape and a Coleman cooler. - You Tube

James Beard honors Fry Bread House as one of five winners of its 2012 America's Classics award. Nice, we didn't see that one coming. - Chow Bella

On the hunt for the best dim sum in Hong Kong. - The Wall Street Journal

Sprouts and Wildflower are gettin' married, er, merged. - Chow Bella

Turns out Marilyn Hagerty, the Olive Garden reviewer and overnight viral sensation, is the mother of James Hagerty, writer for The Wall Street Journal. Here's what he has to say about mom. - The Wall Street Journal

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